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Prevention: Music

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Music is a power. You can achieve everything with the help of music in feelings, thoughts and deeds. Where the mind, heart and will take place, music occurs as a powerful force.

Nothing may be achieved without music. In future, music shall be established as a strictly scientific method during the education of children. That is why it is said in the Bible: “Sing and praise God in your hearts!”. You cannot think right if you do not sing and play. You cannot feel right, if you do not sing and play. To be a musician or not, that is another question, but inside you you shall have a well developed sense of music. Musicians bear in themselves a magic wand, a magic power, with which they can do a lot.

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Thanks to music one may complete something with the least costs, in the easiest way and with the best results.

Music is the best conductor of God’s powers.

Music, as an art of angels, is a connecting unit between the angelic and human worlds.

Music is a time in life and through it you may model all organs of yours. You may model the eyebrows, nose, mouth, ears, hairs, and the stomach to how and how much food to eat. You may also make your life healthy and pleasant.

Man shall be a musical being from head to toe. Arms, legs, eyes, everything shall become musical. Everything shall vibrate in a musical state.

Each harmonious thought is well accepted by the cells. It shall be spoken in a musical way to the body. Neither health, nor growth may happen without music. Heart does not beat in the right way without music, nor may the mind be

Certain deposits of poisons are left by the contemporary life and the quick changes, through which you pass – from a joyful mood to a mournful one. That is why music is used as a means against these poisons.

When music conquers the world, there will not be diseases Canadian Viagra proffesional online; even if there are diseases, you will get rid of them easier. When you sing, God’s world opens and you take in God’s life. If you do not sing, you lose. No matter what happens to you, sing.

One shall sing. These classical songs, these mantras, which the Hindus have, the European psalms, they all are a connection for passing from one world into another – the physical, spiritual and mental worlds.

Music influences well the digestion. Try and you will be convinced.

Sing to be healthy. Good health is known by the desire of somebody to sing.

The major scale is the mind, and the minor scale is the heart, and the harmonious one-the will.

Man is musically made. And now you have to go back to that music, by which you are made. God puts all notes at their right place in the human body. One shall start thinking, feeling, singing in the way God has made him in order to hear the song of the flowers- fragrance is their singing. To hear the song of the stars, of the whole world. Now he gets only the static, defined music, but from the point of view of contemporary music, flowers, water, stars, and angels do not sing. Now our ears are also not adapted to another type of music, but you will listen to that music in future.

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