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AWC Canadian Pharmacy is a company with a wealth of experience, established at the dawn of online pharmaceuticals sales. Concentrated on providing an extensive choice of high quality drugs, we are grinding away to ensure that our company is constantly developing and growing.

Our plans are big. In 2007 we’ve launched 2 programs that no longer target erectile dysfunction market – a highly competitive niche meant we are taking a quite risky step. Fortunately, we’ve not only managed to survive in the tough reality of Canadian Viagra sales and distribution industry, but also managed to build reputation in other branches – our global sales and loyal customer base have increased by 7% since 2014 – the fact we are proud of in the age of raging competition.

Why people buy Viagra and other preparations at our store?

We offer a reasonable pricing policy due to our efforts in building mutually-beneficial partnerships with distributors and manufacturers as well as thoroughly optimized business processes. One of our main principles is the flexible price policy. The cost of our services depends on the complexity of the task and the time to do the work. At the same time our rates will please you.

One of the key points of our long term strategy is savvy personnel – the fresh blood and a harmonious work of a variety of departments enables us to meet the challenges of increased complexity and to take up the missions of highest complexity. On average our customers interact mainly with our customer care team, so let’s consider this example. Our partners, this is how we call our employees, put maximum effort to guarantee the best experience at our online store.

While hundreds of online pharmacies cut down their expenses through employing cheap labour, divorced from pharmaceutical reality, we strive to play ball with those individuals having proven medical experience. Former doctors and medical education institutions graduates, even though we don’t provide professional consultations, we can guide you through the choice and assist you with picking up the right direction (consult a certain specialist, consider this or that medication and etc.).

An extensive geographical coverage and fast delivery is another strong suit our customers really appreciate. With years we’ve developed an advanced network capable of dealing with virtually any sales loads with no negative impact on delivery time frames. Moreover, the absence of this or that popular position is estimated at a close to zero mark. Just like our website’s downtime equals 0.1% per year, our online shelves are extremely rarely empty.

We cherish our reputation, therefore we offer a refund – a prerogative of truly successful businesses with years of track record. Now you can purchase sildenafil citrate, vardenafil and other ED pills, as well as dozens of other preparations being 100% sure it meets the highest quality standards.