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For men looking for an alternative to Viagra, one of the most recent offerings is an oral jelly known as Kamagra. It is based on the same core ingredient as Viagra and is reported to be as effective. It’s available in any online pharmacy.

Everyone knows about Viagra. It is that little blue pill that men take to counter erectile dysfunction, and is arguably the most famous medication ever produced. However, in recent years, its hold on the market share has dwindled thanks to the arrival of other products on the scene. Drugs such as generic Cialis have made it clear that Viagra is no longer the only medicinal option for treating impotence, and people have more alternatives now.

One of the more recent products is known as Kamagra Canada. The drug is essentially another in a growing list of generic alternatives to Viagra that are produced outside of the United States, and is available in any online pharmacy. It’s an oral jelly based on sildenafil citrate, the main ingredient that gives Viagra its potency. It stimulates the release of guanophine monophosphate. That chemical, in turn, increases the flow of blood to the groin and penis, causing an erection. This mechanism is the same as that of regular Viagra, which means it also has the potential to cause the same side effects.

Taking Kamagra is no different from taking any medication, aside from the fact that it is commonly found in its liquid form, rather than a capsule or pill. It can be purchased from an online pharmacy in both liquid and solid forms, though. It’s meant to be taken roughly an hour before engaging in sexual activity. Doctors are the only people able to determine the correct dose for any given patient, though most individuals start at 50-milligram doses. This can increase up to 100 milligrams if deemed necessary.

Unlike the alternatives, it is possible to buy Kamagra from an online pharmacy without a prescription. The size of the package can vary, with some containing only 10 pills while others packing a hundred. The usual warnings concerning security, privacy, and legitimacy apply when purchasing this medication through the Internet. The product is manufactured in India, where most generic medications unavailable in the U.S. market come from.

The similarity in components and function to Viagra has led to a few problems with the use of Kamagra, according to some who have used it. Though it can be purchased from an online pharmacy without a prescription, it is still considered advisable to consult a doctor about proper use. The product is known to be hazardous to children and potentially lethal for people who are allergic to the main component, sildenafil. Those with liver or kidney problems, along with men over the age of 65, are also advised to avoid using Kamagra.

Getting Kamagra from an online pharmacy as an alternative to Viagra is a viable option. The medication is known to be effective in anecdotal evidence and is based on the same science that validates the potency of Viagra. Men who are looking for cheaper alternatives should seriously consider taking this product, which can be easily purchased online. After all, it isn’t practical to spend a lot when there are more affordable alternatives available on the market, right?