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ED or erectile dysfunction is one of the major concerns to a happy married life. Erectile dysfunction is also defined as impotence which is also explained as the situations when men are unable to have a proper penile erection though fully aroused.

Erectile dysfunction is not only one of the major obstacles when thinking about a successful physical relation but it is one of the major causes which makes a man lose his courage and motivation while performing any other tasks at his home or working place.

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Impotence is defined as the major element behind disputes in a married life and social life. Not only this it sometimes creates hassles in reproduction also creating blunders to the lives of men and their partners.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction occurs because of the absence of nerves between brain and penis which actually act as stimulants at times of intercourse. In the absence of these nerves the blood flow from the brain to penis gets lowered hence allowing low penile erection or early ejaculation at times.

Understanding the effects and criticality of impotence in one’s married life medications like tablets and jellies have been introduced into the market. Those who prefer Generic treatments to other branded treatments Generic Viagra is the most reliable and popular treatment available today. Generic Viagra a quicker and reliable source of getting a safer penile erection allowing the partners get a proper satisfaction from their love making.

Generic Viagra is available in different dosage forms as 100 mg tablets, soft tablets and jellies depending on the preference of users. Generic Viagra guarantees a quicker and safer result with cheap prices and the flexibility to make love when you want to.

It offers the users a quicker result within 30 minutes of its intake and gives a long lasting result up to 4-6 hrs from its consumption allowing the user to attain the maximum out of his intercourse. These wonder pills are very popular with the name of Kamagra which is considered to be the power booster to alls married lives.